Q : What is NylexGroup?

Ans : Nylex Group is an ISO 9002 Certified Company and are leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Various Items such as Electrical & Engineering Items, Control Panels & Its Accessories, Brass Accessories etc. ( i.e. from Screw to each & every part used in Electrical Industry). We Export all the above Products Worldwide and Strictly maintain the Customer needs as per the Drawing/ Specification & Samples provided by them.

Q : What are different types of products NylexGroup manufactures?

Ans : Our Manufacturing includes Control Panels, Distribution Boards (as per IEC 61439-1&2 standards), Cable Trays, Trunkings, Raceways, Panel Board Accessories, Cam Locks, on Metallic Locks, Knobs,Hinges,Handles,Insulated Handles, Inspection Window, outing Rails, Filters, Buzzer, Switches, Cam Switchs,Pilot Lamps, Push Button, Control Units, Hour Meter, Tin Copper Cables Terminals,Aluminum,copper Bi-Metallic Cabe Lugs, Analogue Meter, Ammeter/ Voltmeter, Frequency Meter, Maximum Demand meter etc.Residual Current Device, Miniature Circuit Breakers, Isolating Switches, Relay and Relay Sockets, Electrical Wiring Accessories, Industrial Plugs and Sockets, Modular Fuse Carriers and Catridges Fuses, Knife Fuse and Fuse Base, Fuse Puller/ Carrier, Connection Blocks, Brass Terminals and Insulated Bus Bar, Line Tapes, Bimetal Branching Terminal,B.I.Connectors,Test Terminal Blocks, Terminal Blocks, Terminals and Connectors,C.T.Current/Volate Transformer, Control/Current Transformer, PG Cable Glands, Bus Bar Support, Combo Bars,DDLO Fuse Link, Operating Road, Earthing Accessories and many more, whose details can be found on our website.

Q : Does Nylex Group manufacture customized product based on the user's requirement?

Ans : Yes, Nylex Group manufactures Customized products based on the Customers requirement. You can send your requirement with the Specification / Drawing from the Enquiry Form provided on the website.

Q : How to order or purchase the products?

Ans : You can Order/Purchase the Product by sending the E-Mail or by contacting Nylex Group.

Q : What are the different modes of payment that Nylex group accepts?

Ans : Yes by T.T. or Letter of Credit.

Q : Does Nylex Group deliver the Product?

Ans : Yes, On CIF Basis or FOB Basis.

Q : What are the steps to be taken when products reached are damaged?

Ans : If the Consignment is on CIF Basis, then immediately you have to inform the Surveyor of the Insurance Co. & can claim the Insurance.