Nylex Group, Mumbai, India (Est. 1966). We are manufacturers of high quality power and control switchboards such as Main Switch Boards (MSB), Distribution Boards (DB), MCC Control Panels, Extendable Enclosures / Customised Desks & Cable Trays with IEC 60439-1 standards with ASTA 7 type tested from the range of 200A to 6300A.

We are fully equipped with the latest state of the art AutoCAD software and a complete Line of CNC Turret Punching, Shearing and Press Brake machines. With constant and continuous improvement in research and work process, we are able to fulfill customer's expectations. Our products are competitively in prices, thus helping customers their own bottom line. Our Modular Switchboards can make an unbeatable flexibility, allowing almost any configuration and size to be designed.

We are also one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of kam Brand Products such as Control Panel/ Switch Board Accessories, Electrical Digital Meters like Power Analyzer/ Power Factor/ KWH/ Voltmeter/ Ammeter/ Frequency Meter/ Earth Leakage Relay/ CBCT, Switch & Control Gear, Terminal Blocks, Panel Locks & Hinges, Inspection Windows, Filters, Bus Bars Supports, Mounting Rails, Comb Bus Bar, Glands, Brass Neutral Bars, etc.

As we all know, the engineering & construction industry has been growing tremendously worldwide over the past years, so as the supporting industries like electrical, mechanical and information technology, which are moving forward in tandem as well. Therefore, it is important that we SHOULD and MUST have a clear standard to govern the growth especially in the main supporting electrical services (e.g. switchboard) with SAFETY as a major concern.

Over the years, we expanded our horizons to serve the Industry with dedication to provide our customers a comprehensive range of premium quality products. We have a Pool of Dedicated, well trained and experienced Professional design and application of electrical power engineering. They have good track records in providing an excellent pre and post sale supports to all our valued customers.